An idea is just the start

A quick dive into Teague’s design approach. An idea is just the start. From there, how do we close the gap between the ideas in our heads and something customers can actually see, touch, and feel? And how do you align your team around an idea so they can understand the possibility—and then help execute the reality? Thinking through making works to answer these questions through doing.

Design Thinking Comes To Kids

Design Thinking Comes To Kids

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For those who aren’t familiar, design thinking is essentially a methodology to problem solving that’s meant to mimic the way designers operate. Its exact steps can vary depending who you talk to, but it generally involves identifying a problem and considering its solutions through the lens of typical human behavior and prototyping. “Children are creative by nature, but we feel that the education that they are receiving restricts their creativity,” says Alexandra Valdivieso, founder and CEO of Seven Thinkers. “The idea of using design thinking as a learning method is based on teaching them a method to generate their own answers to the problems they will face in the future, instead of teaching them to memorize.”

But should we really teach kids this branded style of problem-solving so young?

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All-in-one kit: reduce newborn deaths in the developing world.

All-in-one kit: reduce newborn deaths in the developing world.

Up to 50 percent of all neo-natal deaths in the developing world occur within the first 24 hours of delivery, largely the result of inadequate access to healthcare and precarious conditions for mothers at birth. Because survival chances increase if the baby is not born premature, malnourished or underweight, frog’s solution supports the mother from the start of pregnancy through the gestation period and after the birth.

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frog was asked by Bill Gates, a guest editor for Wired magazine’s December 2013 issue focusing on lifesaving innovations, to design a prototype for a comprehensive solution to improve neo-natal care for the developing world.

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