A Toilet in Every Home

A Toilet in Every Home

Most rural Cambodians do not have a latrine. They do their business in bushes, rice fields, and water bodies. It’s called open defecation and it contributes to 10,000 child deaths each year in Cambodia. Providing expensive subsidies to build latrines has not resulted in lasting solutions. But iDE’s approach, which ignites the power of markets, has led to unprecedented growth in the number of people using latrines in Cambodia.


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Want to Fight Inequality?

Born in the wake of Ferguson, the Creative Reaction Lab rejects “design thinking” for a more inclusive approach to systemic inequality.

In the days after a police officer shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, August 9, 2014, Antionette Carroll watched as her hometown erupted in protest. For weeks, hundreds of people showed up to the suburb of St. Louis to demonstrate opposite police in riot gear. Behind the scenes, community leaders and groups met to discuss the implications of recent events on a city deeply divided along racial lines, and to decide what to do next.

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