Design Principles Reshape Local Government

A significant challenge for much local government is understanding what constituents want and need. The top-down approach that many agencies employ can create a disconnect between services and who’s being served.

Enter Public, a new nonprofit that wants to bring the tenets of good design to local governments. The idea is that by approaching government bureaucracy as a design problem, agencies can better learn what their constituents want, and then design successful programs based on those insights.

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mHealth  Design Toolkit

mHealth Design Toolkit

The mHealth Design Toolkit is a collection of insights, tools and key principles to increase adoption and customer uptake of mobile health services by involving end-users in the service development process.

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mHealth services have faced challenges in attaining scale and adoption. In many cases, these challenges can be overcome by adopting a user-centric design approach. Developed in partnership with frog, this toolkit provides guidance on how to bring end-users into service development process, helping mHealth providers to build services that truly resonate with their end-users.