Design thinking and the urban utility bike

Bike Craft, Design, Innovation. The Constructor’s Design Challenge invited 26 competitors and 6 student teams to develop their idea of the Ultimate Modern Utility Bike for the everyday rider. In tandem with the competition, 3 Creative Collaborations between global design firms and American bicycle craftsmen produced 3 road-tested prototypes displaying a level of design thinking never before directed at an urban utility bike.

Thousands attended the reveal party and 50 mile Field Test in Portland, Oregon. Media partnerships included design supersite, and Bicycling Magazine. Media coverage included the Wall St. Journal, Fast Company, Wired, Azure, Cool Hunting, CNET among others. Thousands attended the opening night reveal party and 50-mile Field Test in Portland, Oregon.

Why is “design thinking” on the lips of so many business leaders?

Why is “design thinking” on the lips of so many business leaders?

These days there’s a lot of talk – and a lot of executive education – revolving around “design thinking”. Companies like Apple, Netflix, Facebook and others are disrupting industries and business models left and right. And with these developments comes the realization that traditional approaches to problem-solving are no longer enough. So, across industries around the world, attention is shifting to design thinking as an approach for unleashing creativity and innovation in organisations.

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(About the author: Laura Montgomery is a higher-education expert who blogs for The Economist Careers Network).