Design thinking and the urban utility bike

Bike Craft, Design, Innovation. The Constructor’s Design Challenge invited 26 competitors and 6 student teams to develop their idea of the Ultimate Modern Utility Bike for the everyday rider. In tandem with the competition, 3 Creative Collaborations between global design firms and American bicycle craftsmen produced 3 road-tested prototypes displaying a level of design thinking never before directed at an urban utility bike.

Thousands attended the reveal party and 50 mile Field Test in Portland, Oregon. Media partnerships included design supersite, and Bicycling Magazine. Media coverage included the Wall St. Journal, Fast Company, Wired, Azure, Cool Hunting, CNET among others. Thousands attended the opening night reveal party and 50-mile Field Test in Portland, Oregon.

Design Thinking: A Useful Myth

A powerful myth has arisen upon the land, a myth that permeates business, academia, and government. It is pervasive and persuasive. But although it is relatively harmless, it is false.

The myth? That designers possess some mystical, creative thought process that places them above all others in their skills at creative, groundbreaking thought. This myth is nonsense, but like all myths, it has a certain ring of plausibility although lacking any evidence.

Why should we perpetuate such nonsensical, erroneous thinking? Because it turns out to be a very useful way to convince people that designers do more than make things look pretty. Never let facts stand in the way of utility.

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