The Origins of Design Thinking

The Origins of Design Thinking


Image © Jeffrey Tjendra

Design Thinking is created not only because Tim Brown coined the word that became a buzzword. There’s a logical reason to it.

Design thinking is created because big corporation lack the ability to be creative and on extreme cases, aren’t able to create new products and services that meet unmet needs of their customers. Because of 20th century education system that fostered dominant logic and disregard creativity, people grew up with an overpowered mindset and skill-set of managing value. Hence, defines the corporations today that are run by boomers and Gen X.

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Inspirational Design Thinking: Tackling Innovation.

Inspirational Design Thinking: Tackling Innovation.

A society’s progress depends upon the quality of the questions it asks itself and to know what questions to ask today in order to secure a sustainable future.

One question could be: “Why design something at all?”

Our society obsesses over entrepreneurship, innovation and design for creating growth, however few stop and ask ‘Why,’ or, think about the high impact “Why’s – What’s – How’s” before doing any Design Thinking at all. For a society, organization or individual to make meaningful progress, this balance will be required for long and short-term investments in the development process.

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