AIGA Design for Good highlights opportunities of engagement for designers to build their practice, expand their network, and have hands-on leadership opportunities. Design for Good recognises the wide range of designers’ work and hands-on leadership and professional development opportunities, which benefit the world, our country, and our communities.

Design for Good sustains designers playing a catalytic role through community projects that create positive social impact. By supporting designers through online networks, inspirational stories, meaningful programs, open dialogues and chapter events, impact measurement toolkits, and national advocacy and promotion, Design for Good serves as a powerful resource for designers who wish to work in this area and a beacon for designers leading the charge.

The Design for Good umbrella includes the following strategic initiatives:

  • Design for Democracy (program focus: Get out the Vote and ballot design)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (program focus: D&I Guidebook)
  • Women Lead (program focus: Gender Equity Toolkit)
  • and the repositioned Design for Communities (which covers most of the chapter activities, including partnerships with local nonprofits, youth development programs, creative place making efforts to name a few)
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