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By Lucy Kimbell and Joe Julier. 2012. Published by Fieldstudio Ltd, London.

This document summarises the main approaches and methods developed over several years through teaching and supporting managers and entrepreneurs. It is something to read and something to use. It provides an introduction and manual for those looking for a new way to tackle social and policy issues, such as caring for the elderly or reducing worklessness among young people. What we call this, whether it is “social design”, “service design” or “human-centred design” isn’t that important – the approach and methods are. But, if you want a definition of social design, the one we offer is this: A practical learning journey taken by people including managers and entrepreneurs, to create useful, usable and meaningful ventures, services and products that combine resources efficiently and effectively, to work towards achieving desired outcomes and impacts on society in ways that are open to contestation and dialogue.

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