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Biosignal Sensing Jewellery

Leah Heiss is a Melbourne-based designer who is working at the nexus of design, health, science and technology. My process is deeply collaborative and I work with experts from nanotechnology through to manufacturing. My current projects include new forms for hearing technologies; biosignal sensing jewellery; emergency jewellery for times of crisis; and advanced textiles to detect biosignals.

Design Is Future Film

This film is the result of the last edition of ‘Design is Future congresstival’ held at Disseny Hub Barcelona from 6 to 8 June during the Barcelona Design Week. It showcases the main highlights and strong ideas from the 15 speakers that took part in the Design is Future 2016, as well as from the presenter and curators of the event.

Digital Collaboration

Using the right online collaboration tool can make creative teams stronger and increase productivity. MURAL.LY Offers visual collaboration for creative people. Digital workspaces for visual collaboration, inspiration and innovation anytime, anywhere, on any device. Link: Mural.ly PADLET Welcome to the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world. Link: Padlet REALTIME BOARD […]